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How to Convince Your Parents For Something You Want ?

How to Convince Your Parents For Something You Want? 

You're sick of hearing no all the time from your parents. We have all been in this phase of life. Parents play a vital role in life when it comes to making a decision. Even if the parents think about your betterment, their decision can not always be the best option for you. It's adequate to show sometimes that your decisions also matter. Though convincing your parents is really tough sometimes, fortunately, there are some top tips for you. So let’s not waste any time to get started. 

  • Argue Logically 

Parents are often more likely to listen and be persuaded if you provide a logical argument to do something on your own. 

List reasons that strengthen your case, such as why it benefits you both in the long run. This is the best way to convince your parents because it will leave the impression that their child has grown up and can speak for the interest of himself on his own.

  • Appeal To Their Emotions 

For a parent, the happiness of his child is always a priority. Many parents are more sensitive to emotional lures than to rational appeals. 

If there's any aspect of what you want that can touch their hearts, highlight it. For example, if you want to take a school trip because it will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience, tell them what it would mean for you to go on a school trip for the first time without them. 

  • Use Positive Reinforcement. 

When parents notice that their children are doing well and living up to the expectations set for them, they might be lenient with their children's demands. So if you want your parents to say yes to something, focus on your recent successes and excellent behavior. When your parents see how much you have grown, they let you do anything and everything you want.

Noticing your positive behavior, they trust you more and are more likely to let you do whatever you want.

  • Compromise, When Possible

If your parents oppose ​​what you want, see if there's any common ground you can agree on. For example, if they don't want you to go to a party, you can invite a few friends to your house instead. Such compromises are of great help because parents also do not have to change their pre-made decision, and even a child's wish is granted by a bit of change of plan. For example, I want to ask for a later bedtime, but my mother says no because I have school in the morning. Then, I can compromise and ask for thirty minutes more before going to sleep rather than an hour.

  • Give Them A Warning 

Giving your parents a warning should only be done as a last resort, but it can be effective sometimes. For example, if they won't let you go to the movies with your friends, you might threaten them that you won't do your homework or assignments until they change their minds. So, to convince your parents to let you do whatever you want after all strategies have failed, give them a rational threat they can't deny, and you will get what you want.

  • Be Respectful

It's essential to remember that your parents are in charge and you should always respect them, even when you disagree with them. It can be hard when you feel frustrated, but it will go a long way in convincing them to see things from your perspective. So never try to be disrespectful to them. Even if you can't convince them, never disrespect them. If you are, they won't forget it, and it will be challenging for you to convince your parents next time about anything, and even that would hurt them too much.

10 Effective Tips To Convince Your Parents To Say Yes

1. Ensure to get good grades. 

2. Show them that you are diligently studying your lessons regularly.

3. Serve them something before talking about what you want. 

4. Keep your room and house clean.

5. Do the laundry yourself.

6. Give them a relaxing foot massage before convincing them for something.

7. Ask for something bigger or more expensive first. 

8. Explain what it will do for you and how it can be worthwhile for them too.

9. Let them think it's their idea.

10. Be a responsible child. 

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