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The acknowledgments sample for internship report

The acknowledgments of an internship report are vital for thanking the people who helped you during the internship period.

Positioning Of Acknowledgments

In an internship report, acknowledgments are positioned between the cover page and the summary. 

The People To Be Thanked In An Internship Report 

All the people who helped and supported you during your internship period and the report writing should be thanked, including the internship supervisor, the teaching team of the faculty, the family, and the relatives.  

Why Should Acknowledgments Be In An Internship Report?

  • Your employer or internship supervisor trusted you with your knowledge, shared his passion and experiences, and was very patient with everything.

  • The welcoming and generous nature of the company team.

  • Interest and added value you have brought to your missions (passion, curiosity, discovery, learning, etc.). 

  • The role of the team at your university (at the administrative level, in the event of a problem, etc.). 

  • The matter of this internship for your professional career. 

Example Of An Acknowledgment From The Internship Report

Example 1 

I am grateful for the opportunity and privilege to be an intern at your company. Working under my supervisor has been invaluable. His guidance and mentorship gave me what I needed to take on this position with enthusiasm. Throughout my time here, I learned much about graphic design from him and everyone else who worked with me on some of our projects!

Thanks to all the professors and administrators of my university for providing me with everything I needed to complete this internship smoothly. Many people deserve recognition because it wouldn't have been possible without them. But there's one person in particular who deserves special thanks: My academic supervisor, from whom I received practical advice throughout the process. 

To my family, thank you so much for your love and understanding. I am so grateful to have a place where I can come home and feel safe from the worries of life outside. Your words of wisdom are what keep me grounded when things get tough. But most importantly, thank you for giving up everything to ensure that we're taken care of - Mom and Dad, your support has never gone unappreciated!

The ability to carry out so many projects has allowed me to try many of its aspects, such as creating visual concepts or using the software. I feel very fortunate that you gave me a sense of duty and self-confidence, enabling me to create visuals for your marketing campaign. 

I learned the importance and effectiveness of teamwork in making a project successful by following your leadership. You and the whole team have been helpful, generous, supportive, and welcoming throughout my internship.

I would greatly appreciate keeping in touch with you and hope to see you again soon. Thank you for these unforgettable four months. 

Example 2 

First, I would like to thank Mx, head of XXX, for allowing me an internship within the organization. I would also like all the people who have worked with me in XXX, with their patience and open-mindedness, to have created a pleasant working environment.

It is indeed with great pleasure and an immense feeling of gratitude that I acknowledge the help of these people.

I am very grateful to the Director, Prof. de XXX, for the facilities to accomplish this internship. 

I thank my Head of Department, Dr. XXX, for his constructive criticism throughout my internship.

Also, I thank Dr. XXX, College Internship Coordinator XXX, Internship Coordinator, CSE Department, for their support and guidance in securing and completing an internship in the above organization.

Finally, I praise the staff in my department and the friends who helped me make this internship a success. Thank you all!

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