vendredi 25 juin 2021

letter of complaint holidaying - Writing - Bac

Dear Sir/ Madam; 
I’ve just come back from the most terrible 7-day vacation. I’ve ever spent my whole life at your horrible hotel. I was extremely upset at all levels.
To start With, the room was not at all as we had previously been promised as it was a complete disaster. It was not only dirty and messy but also lacked any natural view. We couldn't even enjoy sleeping for the whole stay because of the unbearable noise coming from the main street.
Moreover, though we had been assured that food would be varied and luscious, it was honestly inedible. Once, we were served such a disgusting dinner that my son got terribly ill and I had to take him to the doctor, costing me a lot. 
Last but not least, the advertised schedule of our vacation in your brochure was a big lie. On the one side, we were offered a very old coach that broke down more than once making us wait for repair in the blistering heat of summer and you may imagine what happened to our skin. On the other side, the guide was a real jerk who did nothing for us but asking for tips.
I hope you agree that our vacation did not reach our expectations at all. I, hopefully, look forward to receiving convenient compensation; otherwise, I’ll feel free to take the case to the court. 
With Regards, Tom Jerry.

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