vendredi 25 juin 2021

A Letter of recommendation Holidaying - Writing Bac

Dear Tom;

I heard you were planning a holiday but still hesitating about where to go. I've just come back from the best 7-day vacation, I've ever spent in my whole life at a hotel named “..”, It was really wonderful!

First of all, as soon as we checked in we felt so welcomed by our hosts. Everything was perfect. The room had a great big window view of the sea. The food was delicious and varied. Their cuisine is the place where you can taste all the goodness that nature has to offer.

In addition, the personnel was great, and everyone was so helpful and friendly! They make you feel so at home and nothing is too much trouble for them. We were offered the best quality of services either inside the room, at the restaurant, or even by the poolside.

Most fascinating of all was the awesome entertainment. Staying there gave us the opportunity to explore and become familiar with the native people and feel so welcomed! We mainly enjoyed the cruise to the nearby islands where the scenery was magnificent! we took great pictures and we were so excited that we want to go back next year and take both our children and a few other family members.

“the place” is definitely a paradise and it makes everything so accommodating!! I would earnestly recommend this “hotel” if you are eager to spend a memorable holiday.

Yours Sincerely, Jerry.

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