mercredi 29 mai 2019

a letter of complaint:children and pocket money | family life

Family life : pocket money 

a teenager complaining about his pocket money 
a letter written by Robert a teenager to his best friend called Jane to complain about the pocket money that he gets per a week 

   Dear Jane,
Hi, how are you?i hope that you are doing fine. I  have received your letter since three days , and i decided to write this letter to you to tell you about all my problems with my parents who always quarrel with me about pocket money .I mean that they never understand me and they think that i'm irresponsible and that i always waste my money on extras which i don't need .whenever i try to talk with them politely , they will always end up yelling at me and punishing me. This is so unfair. I see all of my classmates having pocket money and buying whatever they want  except me,the unluckiest one . they give me the least money which isn't enough for me to cover all my needs at school. you can't imagine that i took once with me to school a packed lunch . But, although i tried so hard to convince them to increase my allowance , my dad always refuses and tells me that i shouldn't overspend money .I really need more freedom than money to buy snacks like all the pupils at school . i want my parents to be more flexible. More "yeses" than no's" please! what about having a heart to heart talk from time to time? i want them to understand that i'm no longer "too young" for everything .why don't my parents let me buy what i love and give me enough money ? Sometimes, at school, my mum calls me on the phone to know about what i have bought during the day . what a boring life! parents should stop giving lectures about their own adolescence. We no longer belong to the "stone age ". i think sometimes of leaving school and finding a job instead. This would be better .I'm really disatisfied with this pocket money given to me per a week  .what should i do ? Please, help me to accept a compromise between me and my parents who are very narrow-minded. i'm waiting for your next letter to arrive . write me fast as possible as you can because i can't bear living like that anymore . you are the only one who understands me and the only one on whom i can rely .
 thank you for understanding !
                                                                       your unlucky friend ,

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