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a letter of advice : teenagers and parents | family life

Family life : teenagers and parents

a teenager writing a letter to his friend to help him to solve his problems with his parents 
Jane a teenager sent a letter to his friend Jack to complain about his problems with his parents who are authoritarian and very strict . So, Jack decided to wirte him back a letter to give him some solutions to his problem
Dear Jane,
I received your letter later and i decided to send you an answer in order to give you some pieces of advice to solve your problem with your parents and to bridge the gap between you both . I tried to understand the conflict and i found that ; to start with , you should try to understand them , you think that they are narrow-minded and overprotective , but believe me you really need their support and their protection when an emergency happens to you. Besides, you ought to talk to them , try to explain that things have changed and that you are no longer a small child . But, talk sweet and politely . Say things like :"That's a good idea , mum but let me give you my own." Furthermore, both parents and children have rights. It helps to accept a compromise . Adding to that, pocket money will stay the greatest problem in every family. No matter how much money you get , it won't be enough. If i were you , i will remember that if they don't buy what i want , perhaps they can't afford it. So, i will offer to save on my pocket money to help and i'll prove to them that i'll be more conservative . Moreover, it's essential to be nice to them , so , for sure , they'll be nice to you .You really need to stop getting angry and stop losing control because if you behave like a child you will be treated like one . Promise me to become a good girl and to make your parents proud of you . I advise you to take care of them and to love them truly because they are the only people that matter and that will care about you forever before it becomes too late . Be grateful for them and try to make everyday for them a better day .
I hope you will take my advice into consideration to improve your relationship with your parents. and be sure that you will never find someone who truly loves you like your mother or your father does. Cherish that love with happiness and care and love them more and more .
Please write me back soon as possible as you can to tell me about what are you going to do .
                                            your friend ,

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