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A letter of complaint about holiday | Essay

Dear Sir or Madam
I am writing to complain during my last holiday about the poor quality of accommodation. I booked this self-catering holiday with your travel agency last year. I immediately visited the agency when I returned from my two-week trip last week to speak about my horrible experiences.
Had I known that the accommodation would be so bad, I would have booked a full-service holiday right from the start. A luxury apartment with a small oven was what I planned. The room was not only filthy and full of bugs, but there was a broken and unusable tub.To make it even worse, as I requested, there was no oven. I have never seen such bad service on a self-catering vacation before. When I had to eat out, you can imagine my indignation, smelling like a pig. Not surprisingly, I booked another room with a working tub, even without an oven, but clean. This room cost a lot more than the other one, and I had to go out and eat.
My intention was to ask for compensation while visiting the office. Some vouchers were provided as compensation by the young lady who was serving me. She told me to take the time to respond. I have decided to apply for a cash refund from your agency. Will it be too much to expect a refund of about 500 euros? I want to ask you to look at my enclosed accounts. Seeing how much additional cash I had to spend would help you decide what to do with the whole matter.
At the very least, I would like you to notify me of the action you are going to take with respect to my additional money invested. I would have no other choice than to publish this letter in the local newspaper unless appropriate action is taken. I hope to be able to hear from you.


Yours faithfully
your name


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