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Essay about Friendship 2 | Writing

Long Essay

The most expensive and beautiful gift you can give someone is friendship. Many people will walk by as time passes, but only a handful will remain with you forever, and those bonds will stick to one's side through thick and thin. Lucky are those people who can be trusted and want to stay forever with friends.
They may be part of a large network of friends, a person familiar with diverse people in their lives, but they will rely on either one or a maximum of two people they trust in their personal space and feelings. True friendship is the bond formed with those special people. One establishes two specific kinds of friendships: good friends and best friends. The real or best friend who makes life easier and happier creates an authentic and unique bond relationship.
Judgment-free relationships are the most significant aspect of friendships. An individual is free of any gripping fears of judgment in a true friendship bond and can complete themselves. This makes the person feel welcomed and cherished. With the knowledge that their best friend is for them, true friendship is the reason for people to remain strong in life. To keep one happy, a life devoid of friendship is an incomplete puzzle. Some have family and friends, while others have lost their families, but friendships back them up. Often, the family becomes one's relationship. Therefore, it is a rarity to share a genuine friendship bond.
As it teaches unforgettable life lessons, friendship holds significant stature in life. Any important lessons that will change your life, how to act in front of strangers or friends, how to love someone apart from relatives. Never build hard times for friendships; instead, give one the best memories to live upon. Friendships teach you to consider individuals and trust them. True friends will inspire and cheer constantly; often, the paths will even lead you and save you. One should, however, know how to distinguish between friendships that are toxic and beneficial.
Friendship, similarly, teaches the value of loyalty and reliability. In the universe, there is no greater feeling than a faithful, trustworthy friend by your side. Friendship, however, is not a one-way road to experiencing loyalty and trust; to complete the circle of friendship, one needs to return the reciprocal feelings. In addition, friendships establish a strong connection and help develop relationships. Despite fights and arguments, for example, friends put aside disagreements and come back together. This teaches patience and creates a powerful connection.
Friendships are, thus, real-life relations. During tough times and the rough periods of life, true friends support each other. During a tough era, they are just life-savers, but also the best timely advisors. The most precious assets in life are true friends who share a room of sorrow, pleasure, and pain. The filler breaks of a monotonous life are these.

Short Essay

Friendship is the unique gift granted by God to humans with whom many resonating feelings can be exchanged. A good friend offers the right advice and is the most genuine individual who lacks personal inspiration and makes amazing sacrifices.
Notwithstanding the fair and foul weather, a true friend stands to watch. Friendship with someone is always simple and straightforward, but it takes a lifetime to be a true friend. It is not a fleeting step in life to be a good friend or friendship.
Friendship is a delicate and fragile relationship that needs to be tackled carefully to avoid the feeling of hurt. Until one proves incorrect, it can last for ages and form an unbreakable bond. Dissimilar individuals, however, do not appear to become mates. When friends share a common value system, ideas, and taste, a strong friendship bond is formed. It would tear apart a relationship with no fair balance of emotions.
A successful relationship involves contact. Good friends share each dilemma, challenge, and work out differences. They can help the character to be molded, and one needs to.

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