mercredi 6 janvier 2021

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Come with us on our wonderful Tunisian medina waking trip. We will take you to several big buildings, the Great Mosque and the Zitouna Mosque founded in the 9th century, through the numerous alleys full of craft shops, souvenirs, colors and fragrances. The mosque serves today mostly as a prayer building, but until the 1950s it was also a higher education house. Our next destination will be "Dar-al-Bey" or Bey's Palace. The architecture and decoration that represent a number of different styles and periods will surprise you. Finally, in one of the most glamorous cafés in the medina, you can rest your feet in "Cafe M'Rabet." For at least a hundred years, the interior has not changed. It's a cool rescue that makes it almost impossible to wander the streets of the "suqs." The cafeteria is located above three holy men's graves and the restaurant above the cafeteria is known as one of Tunisia's most exclusive locations. You will expect the dance or live music along with the food, if you visit it in the afternoon or evening.

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