jeudi 7 janvier 2021

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The migration of highly qualified and trained employees, in my view, produces both advantages and problems. For certain workers, willing to change their financial condition or to avoid economic or political problems in their own countries at an individual level, it may be good for them to experience a better quality of life in the host country: to gain higher salaries and have better opportunities. Human migration is also advantageous on a broader level for the countries to which talent migrates. Qualified migration means obtaining human resources expressed in a stock of productive skills and technological expertise for certain countries. In fact, when the most talented people go to a rich host country for education or opportunity, they indirectly contribute to making it more prosperous and richer. However, for developing nations where the outflow of scientists and technologists has a negative effect on their economy and growth, this phenomenon is perhaps most problematic: they are losing talented individuals who make tremendous economic and social contributions. To my mind, the migration of highly educated workers not only affects the development of developing countries but also widens the difference in growth between rich and poor nations. If migrants are encouraged to be repatriated, the situation could be worse in the future.

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