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Writing about The Tunisian educational system | Writing | Bac essays | Essais Bac | anglais | English

The Tunisian educational system consists of three phases: basic education (Grades 1 to 9). Parents may send their kids to kindergarten or pre-school before that point. However, the fee is optional. At six years of age, children enter two phases over a nine-year period. In primary schools the first 6-year process takes place. Lower secondary schools provide the second three-year phase. For children between 6 and 15 years, schooling is compulsory. Children are taught basics in oral, written speech, reading and counting, and some skills in the sciences, arts, physical, and manual during their first six-year stage. The instructional language is Arabic. The second language is English beginning from grade 3, and the third language at grade 6. French is taught. Students are moved to high schools at the age of 14 when their basic education is completed. High school lasts 4 years and consists of two levels (two years of general education and two years of pre-specialized education). It contributes to the Bachelor of Arts, Math, Scientific Science, Technology or Management. The vast majority of students attend universities as far as higher education is concerned. (162) Higher education institutions exist. The scheme also represents a voluntary strategy for encouraging adult literacy and paving the way for "lifelong" education. The New Education Reform in Tunisia underlines a potential Education Plan for an information and skills society.

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