jeudi 7 janvier 2021

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The very fun aspect of video games like Nintendo Play stations one, two, and three is very relevant for kids and teenagers. Yet their wellbeing and growth are not without detrimental consequences. Many children who are drawn to the games soon become addicted to them, spending hours and hours at their machines with eyes fixed on the screen and minds attached to nothing else. Since games need to sit and no physical exercises children spend more time on their computer, and the risk of obesity, backaches, eye and hand injuries and even heart diseases can increase. Furthermore, a disproportionate amount of time would undoubtedly preclude social growth for one leisure activity to the detriment of others. Many kids lose contact and become lonely with their peers. Last but not least, in many cases, these games are charged with poor performance at school as they are either ignored or undone in their homework and end up being discarded by many children.
In order to protect against the kind of eye, back, and hand injuries, children should be taught to play video games safely. Parents can also monitor the choice of games for their children and restrict the time spent on such games. They should finally highlight alternative sports, including athletics and creative play so that children grow up with healthy minds and healthy bodies.

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