jeudi 7 janvier 2021

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In a local paper, you are an advice columnist. A helpless mother has sent you the following letter. Read it, then write a reply to her, in which you advise her.

Dear Columnist,
My husband purchased my son Jim's computer six months ago. I figured it was a smart idea at the beginning. In reality, however, he has become an unbelievably odd child, who cares nothing but his P.C. I'm so frightened that he will fail at school because there is no interest in his studies.
And I know not what to do, I'm in a frustrating situation. And I know not what to do, I'm in a frustrating situation. Help, please!
A helpless mother.

Dear helpless mother,
I'm worried and I try to give you some advice on this answer, which I believe will help to solve your problem. As you know, now your son is a teenager, so you can speak smoothly to him. I would advise you to describe the physical effects such as a spinal ache or eye injury of your device and the internet. You should instead purchase his books in the expectation that he would read eagerly.
Often you can send him additional homework to keep him away from his PC throughout the day. In order to get him to focus on his studies, you had also better cover the P.C during tests. But look out! You should not act tensely with him that may make him indifferent.
Yours Dave,

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