mardi 12 janvier 2021

Writing Package tours | Paragraph | Essay

Travel agencies are flooding the market with their services nowadays. Package tours, which are voluntarily chosen by families, newlywed couples, and pensioners, are the most common. Despite having many benefits, package vacations have some negative sides.

First of all, you will know what the actual expense of the holiday will be with a fair degree of certainty. The price will include your transportation, accommodation, meals, and entertainment. Another thing is that many packages have services such as swimming pools, restaurants, bars, clubs for children and sports such as cycling or tennis, so during your trip, you won't get bored. What's more, almost every corner of the world now has a large number of tour operators offering information. Your holidays can be spent in Sri Lanka, the Caribbean, the Maldives, or Egypt...
Box tours have a range of drawbacks at the same time. You essentially spend most of your time in the resort complex, to begin with, so some of the more desirable tourist locations could go unvisited. It also means you're stuck with something that the hotel offers that could be really good or not so good. The worst thing that might happen when you select package holidays, though, is that you will be fooled by the travel agent. It may appear that your accommodation has not been paid after you arrive in the destination country or the hotel quality is not at the level you anticipated.

It seems, on average, that package tours have both benefits and drawbacks. They offer a convenient and carefree way to spend a holiday, but they also have some disadvantages that people sometimes seem to forget.

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