jeudi 7 janvier 2021

Urban vs rural life | Bac Writing | anglais | English

Dear Jane,
Hello! Hello! Who are you? What are you like? This letter I write to you from our new country house we moved to three months ago. It is a big house with six bedrooms and a lovely garden. We enjoy a safe environment free from emissions and noise. But we did not travel here earlier than we noticed that we made an error. We miss greatly the ease of the city life despite the quality of the air and the clean atmosphere. We really had unreasonable expectations of local services, such as medical equipment and transport services prior to our move to the region, which generally make life much easier and easier.
The rural areas we live in are not without those problems: inadequate transport, lack of access to hospitals and schools and towns like big stores, banks and entertainment facilities. Although the lifestyle in the city often bothered us — in a narrow apartment in a densely populous and noisy place — I have a keen desire to go here because not just our small apartment, but also my friends, my computer and the internet, the shopping and the numerous shopping centers I used to go and enjoy.

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