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Benefits of Holidays & Importance | Writing , Essay


Regardless of whether it is a long weekend or a short holiday, we all enjoy the holidays. It provides us with some time at our leisure and away from the tedious daily work routine and deadlines. Holidays are accepted by all, whether students or working professionals and are equally important for everyone.

Importance of Holidays for Students

We all know that students these days have to deal with a lot of rivalries. They barely have any time to play and every day they have a lot of homework and activities to complete. For other extracurricular activities, regular assessments and exams don't leave enough time.
It is true that studies are important; for students, however, play and social interaction are just as important. Unfortunately, students don't get to spend enough time with friends and family, forget about the play. A holiday is a day when students can relax with their families and spend time. They can also have a picnic, watch a movie, or do whatever they want. They should at least stay home with their parents and siblings and talk about their studies and other problems if anyone doesn't want to move out.
It is also time to gather up your mates for longer hours than normal and play with them. You get to play more than most days during a break as you do not have to go to school or do homework.

Importance of Holidays for Working Professionals

Working people enjoy vacations as much as students do, too. Life in the workplace is exhausting and needs at least eight to nine hours of dedicated work, or often even more than that. This is prevalent in most workplaces. People are so exhausted after working hours that they barely manage to have dinner and go to sleep. And worse, with just one exception, Sunday, the same series of events persist for weeks over weeks.
It's not difficult to guess how important it is for someone who has to obey strict office schedules and meet deadlines, six days a week, to have a Sunday or some other holiday. Sunday is every office goer's most anticipated day of the week. They have time to spend with their friends, with their grandchildren, go out with them for a picnic or just take them to a local market. In a single day, there are hundreds of things that professionals dream of doing. Any other holiday, like a Sunday, is also most welcome and anticipated.

Benefits of Holidays

  • Holidays serve as busters of natural tension.
  • Offer your family and friends free time to spend with them.
  • Kids get some extra time to play and celebrate.
  • Give yourself time to read the book that you want to read.
  • You can also complete any pending school or office work if you wish.
  • It gives you time to talk over the phone with old friends.
  • You play and you remain satisfied, which is good for your wellbeing.
  • A time to make and begin to execute future plans.
  • Socialize by visiting relatives and friends.
  • With family and friends, watch your favorite movie.
  • For forthcoming working days, holidays recharge you.


Holidays are the time you need to spend the way you want. The choice is yours, whether you want to spend it drinking and playing, or reading a book. One thing for sure is that, for more than one good reason, everyone, whether students or professionals, enjoys holidays.

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