jeudi 7 janvier 2021

Lifelong learning | Bac essays | Writing Bac | anglais | English

Lifelong learning is the process that affects your mind and body at any age, through the active pursuit of knowledge and experience or through the advancement of higher education and qualification levels in all sectors. The pursuit of knowledge through lifelong learning – whether learning to play music and dancing, speaking a foreign language, improving sports, or rehabilitating your car – has great advantages for older adults: it keeps your mind sharp, improves memory, and increases your confidence. It also gives you a chance to learn a new ability that will boost your earnings. Lifelong learning also gives people a cheap way to try something new and thereby saves money by learning to "do it themselves." In addition, it gives people a new curiosity that they can share with friends and family. Last but not least lifelong learning gives people a sense of success and self-confidence.

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