jeudi 7 janvier 2021

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“Online learning, learning far away from school, holds an incredible amount of promises: Learning on your own time, from your own time, and at your own pace. It gives you the flexibility and the freedom to take your classes whenever and wherever you like.”
How much does this point of view resonate with you? Do you consider online learning to be a reasonable alternative to formal learning?
E-learning is undeniable as an alternative to the conventional way to study. Indeed, in different circumstances, it keeps unbelievable promises to various pupils. For different purposes, I am personally persuaded of its performance and practicality. In addition to being versatile and free to take your lessons whenever and wherever you want, virtual schools allow you to operate at your pace. Firstly, e-learning helps students to get away from bulky bags and sit on uneasy desks and chairs. Secondly, bullied children will learn and pursue their dreams without being afraid of older students. In addition, it is an opportunity for home-educated students and families abroad to pursue their studies. I also think cyberlearning for new generations is attractive and attractive. The use of their studies of computer skills helps them in various subjects to develop their abilities. In all, I cannot deny e-learning risks, like health consequences, including back pain and obesity. I should like to suggest that when we use it wisely and prudently, e-learning is more successful.

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