mardi 12 janvier 2021

Disadvantages of the Internet | Writing | Essay

The web continues to have a new facility every day, something new that is extremely useful and makes life simpler for web users. The internet, however, still involves certain undesirable elements or drawbacks. The following are the internet's benefits and has its dark and ugly side too.
First of all, some students spend so much time on the internet. It is possible that students will neglect their studies. And elderly people are likely to forget some of their significant work if the film has too strong a hold. Students may lose focus on their studies because they have spent so much time on the internet. Some of them even divided their time to do homework but spent their time watching movies or talking on the internet with their mates.
Although the internet has made life simpler for individuals in many respects, through a variety of issues it has thrown up for its users, it also represents an uglier side of its nature. With a vast amount of knowledge publicly accessible on the internet, manipulation and misuse of this information is a possible possibility. Time and time again, you see examples of individuals using knowledge and research from someone else and passing it off as their own. Nowadays, children appear to be losing their ability to interact with others. They are used to communicate with others via the Internet, but they do not communicate face to face fluently with others. It was an unusual sight that people had lost their ability to interact with the internet. This is because individuals are now over-dependent on the internet.
Another issue or downside of the internet is that it has allowed a large number of people who can access the numerous websites, forums, and chat rooms available to have a great deal of anonymity. This has encouraged perverted individuals to take advantage of innocent individuals at times and exploit their faith. We will still hear from the news that cheaters have used the network to commit crimes. By using sweet words, the cheaters can make friends with single ladies and trick them. It's really convenient for lonely single ladies to fall into the pit of these cheats. Typically, these cheaters would trick these ladies to bank-in cash for them.
There are a host of online games available and this has made most kids shun all outdoor sports. Children will quickly fall victim to many lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity in the absence of physical activity, in addition to failing to improve interpersonal skills. Sitting constantly in front of a computer screen can seriously harm our eyes, and put a strain on our neck and shoulders, apart from these factors. Children are in their developmental years and can cause life-long issues for them with these variables. Due to the influence of internet gaming, children will become more violent. There are too many internet games that contain violent content and it may affect children.
Another risk of the internet is damaging little kids. Today, kids discover the internet and are used to preserving the internet as their everyday life. This is one of the internet's biggest risks to youth. The Internet has provided children with a simple means of viewing pornography, which can either lead them to become sexually deviant or sexually-addictive.
To cut it short, The internet has a negative effect on humans because of the incorrect exploitation and use of the internet. The Internet is thus a double-edged tool that can assist or threaten us.

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