vendredi 8 janvier 2021

Writing about disadvantages of technology | Essay

Through the evolution of technology, culture has been drastically transformed. Life was burdensome before the introduction of modern-day technology and daily tasks absorbed so much of our time. Technologies that play an important role in human life are creating enormous opportunities. Because of new technology, access to schooling, medicine, manufacturing, transport, etc. has been simplified. Our lives have changed dramatically due to the ease and productivity offered by technology. There used to be a time when it would take most of the day to carry out a basic task like doing laundry. Most of the pressure has been lifted from our shoulders thanks to new technology, and we have more time and energy to do what we want.
The drawbacks however come with so many benefits and comforts. These days, technology is used imprudently, which results in a negative effect on society and complicates our lives. Owing to prolonged interaction with different devices, relationships with family members are weakened. While parents use technology in a few instances to communicate with their children and to know their whereabouts, this is not always sufficient. Technology has made it easier to access education, but it is also diminishing people's memories. The use of text language also has dire effects on learners. They fail to correctly spell words or write completely right sentences.
New technology raises significant health concerns as well. Nowadays, people are deprived of sleep because keeping their eyes off their phone or laptop screens is an almost impossible task. This leads to vision issues, cancer, obesity, etc. We've become lazier. Rather than exercising or going outside or doing some job that needs physical activity, we prefer sitting, playing games, or listening to music.
Transportation strategies have improved the ease of access, but the amount of emissions has also increased. A wide variety of choices have become available to people due to technology. By supplying them with hearing aids, text scanners, special seats, etc., technology has also helped individuals with special needs. Now, without having to worry about their disabilities, they can enjoy everyday life too.
To conclude, technology has several positive effects on our lives, but there are also several downsides. We can't abandon technology now, but we can make sure we're not dominated by it.

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