mercredi 6 janvier 2021

Writing about Space tourism 2 | Bac essays | Bac Writing | anglais | English

Discovering new frontiers is one of the most fundamental characteristics of human beings. Humans have enjoyed traveling from early cavemen to Columbus, to modern day space explorers. A big factor in today's global economy is travel and tourism. Space tourism is a very recent concept that was once thought of as little more than science fiction, because of such limitations, just as visiting the moon. For several years, the theory has been around, long before the first rocket went into space. The ever-changing technology of today enables space travel to become less costly and safer; two of the key variables that have limited space tourism.The notion of space tourism is made more practical by safer and cheaper ways of travelling to space. Space tourism must now be seen as a feasible reality that will change the way the world works and should be brought beyond the conceptual stage and transformed into reality for tomorrow's visitors.


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