jeudi 7 janvier 2021

Distance learning | Bac essays | Writing Bac | anglais | English

Distance education holds an amazing promise: to learn on your own, from home, and at your own pace. There has been an increase in the number of students taking distance classes since 1995 and a massive increase is expected. Why do so many people attend online classes? Quite possibly, the warmth it provides is the greatest gain. Unlike conventional classes, online classes do not typically have daily meetings even though the dates for tasks, tests, and sometimes "chats" are always present. However, morning classes and four-hour lessons are no longer available. Besides, you can wear even your pajamas to “class” and no one will ever know. After all, it takes place in front of your computer. This is very helpful for students who have jobs or families to take care of. In addition, you can attend the "class" even in your pajamas and nobody will know. It's happening in front of your computer, after all. For students with jobs or a family, this is really beneficial. Distance learning gives you the flexibility and the freedom to take your classes when you like.

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