jeudi 7 janvier 2021

Writing about Virtual schools Benefits | Bac essays | Bac Writing | Anglais | English

I think certain individuals are just to a certain degree correct in relation to the benefits of virtual schools. Indeed, while virtual schools have benefits such as free education at any time with their own speed and rhythm, they have disadvantages. For me, it is important that the conventional school be since it is where children develop not only academic skills but also social and behavioral skills that are very significant for their evolution. Then where, if the kid spends much of his time on his computer,he will learn how to get along with people? Will he have regular ties with his family and friends? I think the reply is questionable. Many people seem to enjoy the lack of time on traffic as they go and return, but they forget they only make their children become lonely or like a Robinson Crusoe confined to his island. In addition, I agree that the physical development of the children is not effective in virtual schools with one's eyes fixed on the computer screen. Kids, who don't bustle or run out in the open air will later develop health issues. Health problems can be caused by children. Indeed, many people who work a lot are plagued by back pain, weight, and other diseases. For all this, I think virtual schools would be ideal for only a certain group of people or young people in certain circumstances: children who cannot travel because of certain disabilities or college students who have other commitments and cannot engage in the expected courses. Digital schools are of great benefit from this point of view.

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